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17/9 Mandolong Road, Mosman (Lot17 SP79154)

$294.99 $49.97

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Strata Records Inspected - Thursday, 27/02/2020

34 Units

9 Mandolong Road is a 4-storey residential building with carparking underneath at lower ground level and a 8-car separate garage, which was built in the 1960's with cavity brick walls, concrete floors, steel (now aluminium) framed windows and a tiled roof.

In July 2007 Rothesay Home Units Pty Ltd converted from Company Title to Strata Scheme SP79154.

Strata Plan Registered 13/07/07
Strata Managing Agent - Jameson & Associates Unit Management.
Last AGM before report - 03/12/2019.

213 Pages

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