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30/2 Fitzgerald Road, Ermington (Lot30 SP89011)

$294.99 $147.49
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Strata Records Inspected - Tuesday, 07/05/2019

48 Units

2 Fitzgerald Road consists of 7 x 2-storey & 3 x single storey residential buildings built in 2013 with cavity brick walls, concrete floors, aluminium framed windows and tiled rooves.

There is also Lot 48 - a single brick & weatherboard house with a tiled roof within a lot boundary area.

We enclose a plan of the complex.

Strata Plan Registered 12/11/13
Strata Managing Agent - O'Connors Strata and Property Specialists.
Last AGM before report - 15/08/2018.There should have been an Annual General Meeting since our last report.

53 Pages

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