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Timber Pest Reports - Sydney

Professional, licensed, insured, pre-purchase pest inspections in Sydney, Wollongong and the Central Coast. Our experienced Pest Inspectors provide prompt and economical and independant service for all your timber pest inspection needs.

What is a Timber Pest Inspection Report?

A visual inspection of a property focusing on the environmental issues which encourage timber pest activity.

OPR’s pest inspectors will identify termite and other timber pest related risks within and around the property and will identify past, current or likely future activity.

Why order a Timber Pest Inspection Report?

The sub-tropical Sydney region is particularly susceptible to severe termite damage. Modern buildings commonly use softwoods in construction and landscaping, automatic watering systems, biodegradable chemicals create a termite friendly environment.

OPR’s pest inspector specialises in pests and only pests, this means we are very good at spotting the early warning signs if your new and or existing property has unwanted visitors.

Main timber pests:

  • Termites
  • Delignification (breakdown down of a structure e.g. timber)
  • Borers
  • Timber decay by Fungi (Rot)

We look for and report on the following:

  • External and internal walls and floors
  • Fences, trees, gardens and stumps
  • Garage and other structures
  • Posts and timber retaining walls
  • Subfloor and roof void (subject to access)

Timber Pest Inspection reports are long complicated documents. Our pest inspector's contact information is on your report and you are welcome to make follow-up phone calls if you require any explanation of material in the report.