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Strata Reports

Owners Corporations are required to keep Accounts, Minutes of Meetings, Correspondence and other records to properly manage the building.

OPR Strata searchers examine these documents to provide information on Funds, Levies, Insurance, Litigation, Building Alterations and Maintenance, Fire Orders and sometimes Social Problems. We are looking for anything which may be of significance to a purchaser.

When you buy a unit you are buying a share in the business of the building. You become responsible for problems in all the units, not just your own.

OPR strata inspectors are trained to identify and report on problems which should have an affect on the purchase price and purchase decision.

We do a wide variety of strata inspections every day and every member of our team has learned to read and interpret Owners Corporation information so you get an independent view of the property you want to buy.

Different types of Strata Reports

We regularly inspect the records of Company Title Buildings, Precinct Associations, Community Associations, Neighbourhood Associations, and Building Management Committees.

Different methods of sharing ownership of land and buildings each have their own special characteristics. At OPR we deal with these differences all the time and we're familiar with all of them. In many cases we are familiar with the specific property. Have a look at our paper on Multiple Entity Buildings.

You are entitled to expect.

  • OPR is independent - we are working for you.
  • Quick response time.
  • Records are inspected using systems we have developed over 20 years.
  • We train our own strata inspectors.
  • Copies of important supporting documents are enclosed at no extra cost.
  • All reports reviewed by senior staff prior to delivery.
  • Special instructions/questions welcomed.
  • Follow up enquiries welcomed.

There are limits - Records may be incomplete or poorly organised.

  • Try making sense of an archive box of random sheets of paper - yes it happens.
  • Current project files may be separated from the records because the Manager, the Committee or a Solicitor is working on them right now.
  • Owners Corporations almost never record the successful completion of projects. They just stop spending money.
  • Building Defects may be handled directly between individual Owners and the builder - no records are created.
  • The Owners may be deliberately withholding information. (Rare)
  • Legal action over Building Defects cant take years and anything being negotiated before a Court case is inevitably uncertain.
  • We avoid destroying entire forests. Where we are manually scanning documents we extract the summaries from most technical reports.  Many contain a lot of compliance information which is of little use to a general reader and has no bearing on the purchase decision.   

NSW Office of Fair Trading

General information on buying into a Strata Scheme.