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Vendor Reports

Selling your house or apartment?

A cheap online report will be a boon for potential buyers.

Buyers have traditionally been advised to be wary of reports prepared for a vendor but at OPR we have a special arrangement with our insurer which allows us to transfer all our professional obligations to a successful purchaser.

The Vendor pays a discounted price for the inspection.

Reports are are available online for anybody (including the vendor) to purchase at a massively discounted price.

While the prospective purchaser is paying only about 20% of the normal price they get full legal rights to the report when they purchase the property.  There is nothing more to be paid.

For Example

Inspection TypeStd PriceVendorOnline Price
Strata Report to 50 Units $295 $245 $50
Std Building and Pest Reports $450 $370 $80



  • No waiting for the potential purchaser to arrange their own Strata Report, Building Report, or Pest Report.
  • The Vendors can choose to purchase the report themselves and they have the advantage of being able to provide additional information if there are any questions raised by our inspection.
  • As our Professional Indemnity insurance cover goes to the successful purchaser of the property that person is fully covered as if they had ordered the report themselves.

No Complicated Formulas. Vendor pays once, to get the ball rolling. Every potential purchaser gets a free copy. Only the successful purchaser pays anything at all!

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